Meet the Team

 IMG_0150 Name:  Antonio Alonzo
Hometown: Mandeville, LA
Role: Founder, President
How I Got Involved:  Founded it!Favorite Part of Dig Easy: Accelerating natural process in nature.  Fantastic form of biomimicry.

Fun Fact: Runs a small business incubator called Fund 17.

IMG_0145 Name: Ben Bagwill
Hometown: New Orleans
Position: DirectorHow I Got Involved: Started Crescent City Composting, small scale commercial composting, and Antonio reached out to take a tour.

Favorite Part of Dig Easy: Working with nature and be a part of the natural process.

Fun Fact: Licensed Horticulturist

IMG_0157 Name: Catherine Lagasse
Hometown:  New Orleans
Position:  Founder, Community Director
How I Got Involved: Antonio got her and Jackson involved togetherFavorite Part of Dig Easy: Making a resource out of waste and getting the community involved.

Fun Fact: Has a landscaping company called Conscious Care.

IMG_0160 Name: Jacob Pohlman
Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Position:  Founder, Director of Operations
How I Got Involved: Taught Raise Bed workshops and met Antonio. Founding meeting was shortly after.Favorite Part of Dig Easy: The natural science of how things break down and how humans are involved.

Fun Fact: Studied permaculture ecological design for humans to live in nature.